Cornaline d'Egypte Jacques Herbin 1798 Fountain Pen Ink

Cornaline d'Egypte Jacques Herbin 1798 Fountain Pen Ink

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Our 1798 inks celebrate the year Jacques Herbin first introduced his own line of high quality inks. Enhanced with a metallic silver sheen that adds a rich luster to all of your writing.

The Cornaline d’Égypte fountain pen ink is the second ink in the Jacques Herbin 1798 Inks Collection. Carnelian is a precious stone and a variety of chalcedony, family of agates, orange-red. In ancient Egypt, the Carnelian represented the red symbol of life. In lithotherapy, it is a joyful stone that brings vitality. It restores courage after hardships and intensifies concentration.

Deep unsaturated colors with optimal pressure sensitivity, 1798 Inks are illuminated with shimmering flecks of silver for an elegant finish.

Great for fountain pens and most writing instruments

  • Highly saturated color with silver sheen.
  • Gift boxed. Includes Herbin history pamphlet
  • Wax seal "1798" adorns bottle
  • Hand-dipped wax seal cap
  • Wide mouth glass bottle