Custom Design Your Fountain Pen

We pride ourselves on customizing pens to your specifications. If you don't see an option available for what you are looking for please reach out to us. We are always procuring new and unique materials. 

For a complete review of our styles please see the info below. Purchase of any listing will put you in queue for the custom pen to be made. 

Current queue is 20 weeks.

We currently offer 6 different styles of pen as well as a Large version for each style. Not all blanks are available in the Large styles.

WESTMINSTER -  The Westminster is our classic style of pen and has a sleek appeal. The cap of the pen is slightly larger then the body and the ends are tapered and flat. This style is optimal for those wanting a completely different material between the body and the cap. Westminster looks good with either a clip or no clip.

CHURCHILL - The Churchill is similar to the Westminster with the main different being that the body and the cap transition smoothly with no difference in size. The ends are more tapered and angle to a point. Available Large and with or without a clip.

ASCHER - One of our most popular and unique styles is the faceted Ascher style. Also available in a large size. This style is eye catching and unique from most pens. This is sure to catch attention and be a conversation piece. Clips are not currently available with this style.

CYLINDRE - Our Cylindre style has smooth rounded ends, yet the cap is larger then the body. Available in Large as well as with or without a clip.

CIGAR -  Similar to the Cylindre style but with the main difference being a smooth transition between the body and the cap. The Cigar style has rounded ends and continues almost the same size throughout the body of the pen. Also available in Large and with or without a clip. 

TRILLION - Our second faceted pen style is the Trillion. With three sided (tri) ends, it's unique and sure to stand out.